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Springing into action …

It’s been quite a winter! Nether Wallop Trading has moved – from Dorset to Derbyshire – over the winter, and we’ve been watching the new garden slowly wake up.  After months of snow, twigs, sticks and few signs of life, we’ve seen carpets of snowdrops, clumps of daffodils, hellebores, and now a few bluebells peeking through.… read more »

Putting the shed, and the garden to bed for the winter

With the short days, the wind, the rain, and the damp chill in the air, December is not the best month for gardening. But it is a time for taking stock, tidying up, and sorting things out. We’ve been busy in the garden, doing some pruning, planting a couple of fruit trees, putting in bulbs… read more »