Get yourself ready for Autumn

Welcome to our new website!

You’ll find all our tried and tested products and a few new ones designed and developed by us.

Now that the new site is up and running I’m planning to catch up with autumn chores. That will start with improving the soil in the veg patch and the borders. It will be difficult for me to forget to do this when there’s a huge reminder for this in the shape of a ton of well-rotted manure, which was delivered last week!

However, before we can start to chuck the muck, we’ll have to remove all the leaves … and the conkers … Grrrr! – We didn’t think about the conkers last year and masses of them took root – BIG mistake! Always remember to remove the conkers as part of your garden tidy-up!

Bindweed and creeping buttercup were a problem this summer so to stop these being a problem next year we’re putting down a layer of flattened cardboard boxes before topping off with the muck. This time, we’ll mark the paths and cover those areas with bark chips.

Just seen an ad in our local weekly magazine, The Blackmore Vale, for delivery of huge bags of chips from a tree surgeon – hoorah!

Note to self: Don’t overdo it – a bad back is not much use when there is muck to move!