Putting the shed, and the garden to bed for the winter

With the short days, the wind, the rain, and the damp chill in the air, December is not the best month for gardening. But it is a time for taking stock, tidying up, and sorting things out. We’ve been busy in the garden, doing some pruning, planting a couple of fruit trees, putting in bulbs to provide early spring colour, and having a good look at the space we have, without the ‘distraction’ of growing plants.

We’re also taking time to clear out the shed and the polytunnel, getting rid of cracked and broken pots, cleaning tools, oiling hinges, sharpening blades, and generally getting our outside house in order.

But December is one of my favourite months

  • to plan …maybe 2016 will be the year I can crack growing flowers from seed?
  • to evaluate what went well this year: tomatoes, beans, courgettes. And the big surprise – coriander let run to seed to provide an essential spice all winter
  • to evaluate what went badly: potatoes – total failure yet again; aubergines – are they really easy?
  • to recognise that, although oca is really trendy, I just don’t like the taste and therefore it takes up space that something I find delicious could be growing in
  • and to note that getting hens was probably my best decision of 2015

What will 2016 bring? I’ll keep you posted … IMG_0056 IMG_0907 IMG_0933