Spring into action …

Well, it’s been a bit of a snowy and hail-filled start to March, but let’s hope the old adage ‘In like a lion, out like a lamb’ is true! Winter has felt pretty long and chilly this year, and some sunshine will be very welcome.

That said, the weather hasn’t kept us out of the garden. We’ve been busy planting lots of bulbs, creating a cottage garden and – most exciting of all – putting in an edible hedge.

Clearing the groundIt’s been a bit of a project as we’ve had to remove a lot of very resistant brambles and weeds, repair and replace parts of an existing fence, and put up a windbreak to give it some protection, not only from the wind, but from the drift of our neighbouring farmer’s weed killers!

Planting saplingsWe put down a barrier mat to suppress weeds and grass, to give the tiny saplings the best chance and so now we wait to see how it grows. We’ve planted a mix of hazel, dog rose, guelder rose, blackthorn, hawthorn, elder, cherry plum and wild pear, so it should be fabulous – and packed with lovely healthy food to feed us and the birds! – in a few years’ time.

Here are some photos of where it all started … updates to follow!